Why will the Jews Convert? A Profound Thesis

Summary: A case can be made that the Three Stages, or Ways, of the saints, the purgative, the illuminative and unitive ways, are in fact just a microcosmic example of the historical way of an entire People, hence, of Old and New. In other words, it can be shown that if the mystics' scenario is correct of what remains for Church history (a conditional minor tribulation, followed by a glorious renewal of Catholic Christendom, an age of peace, and finally, the Great Apostasy and Great Tribulation of Public Revelation), both Peoples of Old and New, respectively, journey a macro form of the ways of the saint in the major spiritual phases of their history, from inception to the respective Coming of Christ.

Now, the central error of the Jewish people is that they fail to recognize that all that truly matters are the things of the heart, of inner renewal. Hence, their conversion hinges on the ability to recognize that only inner renewal matters, and not merely external realities. Yet, we have just seen that the process of inner renewal is completely journeyed in their major history. In other words: The very key to their eyes being opened is present in their overall, three-stage historical journey with God! Now, Christ fulfilled in His Flesh their entire journey: threes! For three days and three nights, Jesus lingered in the earth before rising. On the third day He arose from the dead, in accordance with the Scriptures. Christ fell THREE times in the way of the cross. Christ progressively prayed three times in the Garden to accept the Will of His Father for the Passion. Three times, Peter denied Christ, and three times He was reconciled (Peter do you love me.) Three times, Jesus spoke to Mary Magdelene at the tomb to open her eyes. For three days and three nights, Mother Mary and St Joseph looked for the Christ before finding Him in the Temple.

All these types filled up the three phases of the Jewish People, yet they have not believed. Hence, what other option is there (No other sign shall be given unto this generation except the sign of Jonas), except that what will enable the Jews to convert is to see the same three stage process filled up in the flesh of the Body of Christ, His Church. Hence, as the Church herself journeys the same three-fold path of renewal, fulfilling the the same OT history of the Jews in a spiritual sense, they shall progressively recognize this renewal, so that, in the climax of NT Antichrist, fulfilling Antiochus, the OT Antichrist, the Jewish People shall exclaim with St Mary Magdalene, Rabboni, which means, Teacher!


This is a profound, yet common sense suggestion as to why the Jewish People will convert at the end of the world. Let us start out from my book with a recollection that the ages of salvation history are as follows, from previous theology:

The Conversion of the Jews, a Theological Theory, Part I

Now, we recall that the ages of salvation history are as follows, from previous theology:

The two lies of the fall in succession each with Positive Divine Discipline:

  1. Anti-Baptism, followed by a Baptism, the Flood
  2. Anti-Marriage, the material creatures pursuit of a fornicaiton with the world instead of acceptance of God's spousal invitation: the selfish and arrogant pursuit of a purely materialistic dominion and glory, followed by a marriage, the division of humanity by confounding of tonugue and calling a remnant nation to be the seed Spouse of God, the Prefiguring People.

Then, we have seen that the Prefiguring People traverse the Catholic way of the saint, or the pilgrim way, three ages: the purgative, the illuminative, and the unitive, after which Incarnate One comes. Then, the general rest of the nations, derivatively, the "Gentiles", traverse the same path of the pilgrim, followed by the Second Coming of Incarnate One, the end of human history as we know it.

The Way of the Saint is the Spiritual Path of the People of God, of both Old and New Covenants

Recall that we have asserted that since the way of the pilgrim for the individual saint seems a necessary path, should not the same process apply to the just of the People of God as a whole, historically, who traverse a spiritual walk in the Covenant and Revelation of God? Therefore, the spiritual way of the individual saint is but a microcosmic example of what the People of God pass through relative to the Covenants, both the Prefiguring and the Fulfilling.

But we can ask, why also would the Prefiguring Covenant (derivatively the Jewish covenant) also be according to this path, especially since it is not intrinsically Salvific, meaning, the rituals, the eating of the literal Passover lamb, etc, are not themselves truly saving? That is, circumcision does not really save, nor does eating the literal animal lamb at Passover? Here, we argue that nevertheless, the holy ones of Old Testament times, still walked by grace, although they didn't fully know about it!

Which is to say, although the animal sacrifices atoned for nothing in the true sense, were not the Incarnate One's future merits applied to the just of Old? For was not Jesus' Passion applied to David's sins, or to Moses'? Did not Abraham, nevertheless love God in his soul by grace, even though He did not know that God is Triune, much less that the Son whom He did not know explicitly would become the true sacrifice that his literal son Isaac only prefigured? For how did Abraham remain faithful to God apart from grace? Therefore, because major Revelation, even if Prefiguring, and the unseen and as of yet, not fully comprehended, grace was given in the times of Old, should not the necessary path follow, even in the times of Old?

Therefore, do the just of both Covenants, as a whole historically, walk the way of the pilgrim!

In this segment, let us probe deeper the pilgrim way and how it works out historically in the Peoples of God, both of Prefiguring, or Old, and of Incarnate One, or New.

The Purgative Way

The flesh of the dark night of the senses is fulfilled historically in the world and its tendencies. For no sooner does God form the Covenant People, than that they shall flourish. But the spirit of the world, driven according to pride and selfish ambition, sees the blessings upon God's children as a threat to their material dominion, and so naturally reacts against them, which is to say, to either oppress them (as Egypt did to the Jews through Enslavement), or persecute them (as pagan Rome did to the Catholic Church). Hence, the sting of persecution is the on God's Holy People fulfills the individual saint's purgation, or dark night of the senses.

The Illuminative Way

But behold the dark night eventually ends, for just as the saint eventually conquers the greater resistance of the flesh, which is to say, his greater sinful tendencies are conquered and cast out, so the oppression and/or persecution of the world on God's People ends, and the People of God are freed or delivered from the more severe sting of the world's resistance.

The OT fulfillment of this was the deliverance of the Jews in the Exodus from Egypt and to the Promised Land.

The NT fulfillment was the conquering of Christianity over pagan Rome, which eventually transformed the continent of Europe into a Catholic civilization.

Hence do the People of God enter the Illuminative Way, which is to say, the development of the contemplation of the Divine Revelation of the Covenant.

For the OT, this is the Old Law and the Age of the Prophets, who develop the application of the Law unto the Prefigured People, who grow in intimacy with God.

In the NT, it is the doctrinal development of the Church, where she contemplates the Deposit of Faith more deeply, and draws forth the fuller implications of what Christ and the Apostles left Her.

But behold, just as the flesh of the saint resists the incoming Spirit, so the outside world becomes colder to the depths of the Saint's intimacy in truth with God, so that darkness in various punctuated manifestations progresses toward the dark night of the soul, when the whole Deposit of Revelation seems a lie, that the Divine Consolation is utterly taken away. So then also is this for the just of the Covenant People.

In the OT, it is the prophets who are the just, whose intimacy in depth of the Law grows with God, while the Jews on the outside of them grow colder and more deaf to the imploring of the prophets. So then, just before the vindication of their Revelation, there is the dark night, when all the Jews scoff at the righteous preachers of the Old Law, holding in contempt the totality of their witness. For behold, the fallen nature causes those to whom is presented the deeper Revelation to question it, the spirit of anti-Baptism, which more and more refuses to accept the light of God's truth and refuses more and more to obey, so that, in the climax of the dark night of the soul, the people are utterly in denial of the Divine truth and will, having turned to anti-Baptism, and living only for this world, spiritual anti-Marriage.

In the NT, it is the just of the Church herself, especially the Magisterium, that fulfills the role of the saint. For as the Church develops the Deposit, so the outside Gentiles grow harsher in their relationship, progressively rejecting more of the Deposit of Faith, becoming ever more in the spirit of anti-Baptism, culminating in an apostasy and a return to the second lie of the fallen nature, the pursuit of a material, utopia-like dominion independent of God.

The Unitive Way

But just as the saint's dark night of the soul ends, and the Divine Consolations return, which is to say, the vindication of the Divine Truth developed and contemplated, so also does a chastisement on the unjust vindicate the words of the just of the People of God, so that the Jews repented in the exile and turned their hearts back to God. In likewise fashion, are the Gentiles carried away into the exile of the consequences of their sins, where they repent and return to the Church.

And so ushers in the unitive way for the People of God.

For after the Jewish exile, idolatry was mostly rooted out of her. She walked with God in peace under pagan rule until the final cross, the martyrdom of Antiochus, the OT Antichrist who enforced an apostasy. And this stage of utter persecution was the final historical book of Divine Revelation until the Coming of the Messiah, which began a new age, which crossed the threshold of a dispensation, from Old to New, just as after literal martyrdom, the saint enters the next age, heaven.

In regards to the New Covenant, the Catholic mystics prophesy that after the current dark night of intermediate apostasy, the Gentiles shall repent, Christians shall be reunited, and the world restored to Catholicism, the age of peace. Finally, after this great age of light, when the Gentiles shall fully walk with God in the New Covenant, so it shall dissolve into the great apostasy, when the Church shall pass through the ultimate martyrdom, the persecutions of the NT Antichrist, after which all humanity shall cross the threshold of this age into the next, the eternity of the New Creation.

So it is that the People of both Old and New walk the path of the saint.

The Conversion of the Jews: a Theological Theory Part II

In brief, the Prefiguring Covenant uses material pictures of what really matters, inner renewal, to point to their fulfillments, in part because, as we have seen, humanity in infancy is still very much attached to the material order, and needs illustration before abstractions, much like the child who must learn through the very same pictures before they graduate to written word without images. And yet, we see, these "pictures" in this Prefiguring Covenant are not salvific of their own sense, they only point to what is salvific. Examples: the literal Holy Land of Israel is not an end unto itself, in that, it only points to the true land of fulfillment, the spiritual Kingdom of God in the NT and, ultimately, heaven. The literal lamb of sacrifice for Passover is not a true, intrinsic atonement. Only God Himself, taking on flesh and suffering in it, the spiritual Lamb of God, is the true atonement. God heals the People from literal serpent bites in the desert, but in the New Covenant, he heals the People of God from the spiritual serpent's bite, sin!

And so, we anticipate in any material world, when God Incarnates Himself to the Prefiguring People, and unfolds these mysteries, it is insulting and wounding to the Prefiguring People. You mean that you only gave us pictures? We are only a Seed People, as prelude to men of all nations? And all this time, you have told us of your Unicity as One God, and now you tell us there is Family of Persons in Your One Nature to Exist? And that One Divine Person has become God? You have told us you are only One, and that no man can be God! Blasphemy, we cannot take it!

Hence, the Prefiguring People remain attached to the pictures, and reject the fulfillment. Hence, they fail to see what the pictures pointed to: From physical blessings, to spiritual renwal. In the end, even if you are in a physical land of milk and honey, only the spiritual ecstasy of heaven, the eternal milk and honey that flows from God Himself, can satiate your desire.

In the end, it is not that a particular animal is unclean, it is rather that you must not partake of the what is spiritually unclean. In the end, no mere animal, which can neither suffer insult nor spiritual pain that you cause Me, can atone for what is infinitely offensive to priceless human dignity, and immeasurable love! Hence, only I, your Maker, can make up for your sin.

And yet!!!, The People of Prefiguring still walked by grace, hence, they did, historically journey in holiness, in grace, the spiritual path of the saint. Hence, within their very history, the seed of the mystery exists. And Incarnate One fulfills in His Flesh, this process. His five wounds fill up the infinite pain that merits the five sub-stages of inner renewal:

  1. The dark night of the senses, purgation
  2. The light of the illuminative way of light
  3. The dark night of the soul
  4. The untive way of light
  5. Martyrdom

Yet, seeing so many of their details and journey fulfilled in Christ’s Flesh, they are not able to see it.

But, the People of New, of Incarnate One, will walk this path, they will fill up in their flesh what is lacking in the suffering of Christ!

And hence, the farther the People of Incarnate One, of New, journey in this path, the more the Prefiguring People recognize a sign of the their spiritual stages before Jesus. And, then, reaching the apex in NT martyrdom of NT Antichrist, fulfilling OT Antichrist Antiochus, they see the ultimate deja vu, and accept the Gospel!

"Only when I have placed my hands in all His Wounds [five, see the five sub-ages of my walk with God prior to Christ fulfilled in the five sub-ages of the New People], shall I believe!"

An End-times conjecture:

To restate, we see that as the Church enters the final age of her history, the Great Apostasy and NT Antichrist, it is this final stage of fulfillment of Jewish History that opens the eyes of the Jews to see that the Gentiles and Catholic Church will have arrived at the very same point that the Jews were, spiritually speaking, just before the Messiah came the first time.

And how? Well, simple. In Maccabbees, the final history of the Jews, a blasphemous Gentile attempted to force apostasy on the Jews or else face brutal torture and death. Further, this horrendous ruler, Antiochus, was called Epiphanies because He claimed deity.

Now consider the plight of the Catholic Church just prior to Christ's Second Coming. Firstly, we can note that some Fathers foresee the NT Antichrist as being himself a secular Jew. Consider, therefore, assuming such a scenario, how the tables are turned: A merely Secular Jew attempting to impose on a minority of Gentiles apostasy from the New Covenant [Catholicism] or else face torture and death.

From this scenario, I pose a great Divine Joke that the Successor of St. Peter shall play, inspired by the Holy Spirit, to hasten in the conversion of the most stubborn people on earth, the Jews.

Now, we must recall that on many occasions in Maccabbees, the OT Antichrist Antiochus would use the temptation of pork , a forbidden meat to the Jews, to seduce apostasy, in that, on one occasion, Antiochus horrifically tortured seven brothers before their mother because they refused to partake of the forbidden meat.

Now, here, of course, is the irony, and one of the central questions the Jews do not understand: God's division of animals into clean and unclean was merely ceremonial and a primary aspect of God using material things to foreshadow the spiritual. For in the future Acts of the Apostles, Christ appears to St. Peter in a vision with many "unclean" [by the Old, Mosaic Law] animals, and is commanded to kill and eat. Peter exclaims, "But, Lord, these are unclean." Christ responds, "There is nothing unclean that I have not declared unclean." The connotation is that, in the end, no one animal on earth is any more unclean than another, intrinsically. What truly matters, as was intended to be revealed in the New, is the inner heart of a man. For, in the end, it is not those who are physically clean who shall enter heaven, but only those who are spiritually clean, in the state of love.

Hence, as the apostle repeatedly points out, it is a faith that loves God in the heart that truly matters, and not mere external rituals.

For this reason, can we not foresee the Papacy to give a final revelation to the Jews, a little puzzle to figure out: He shall change (because it is discipline, which is mutable) the Friday penance, so that Catholics can only eat pork on Friday, and no other meat.

Now think of the humor of this, foreseeing the reaction of the NT Antichrist, a wicked secular Jew who understands the New Covenant but rejects it for fruitless rituals. He, therefore, shall persecute the Christians on Friday as follows:

He shall lay out before the Catholic to be tortured all the meats of all clean species in the Old Law, and command the Christian, one by one, to eat them. At each step, if the Catholic refuses, the men of Anti-christ shall exercise a brutal torture. And having refused to consume all of them, the Catholic will be killed.

Of course, since Catholics can partake of any meat on any other day, the Antichrist will torture only according to dogma on the other days apart from Friday, going down all dogmatic declarations of the Church with respective tortures, just as he does with the meats on Friday.

The Jew will, of course, consider this scenario with utter amazement. He says to himself:

"See these Gentiles, on Fridays, the ruler of this world does not ask them to eat anything unclean, and yet they refuse to the consequence of horrible torture. And yet, if they were asked to eat the supremely unclean meat, they would gladly. This is absurd.

"And even beyond this, this is only Fridays, which is no special day. Whereas on other days, he eats as he pleases, clean and unclean alike. Who are these hypocrites? And yet, on all other days, they pass through sufferings incomprehensible, and over what, matters of spiritual doctrine!?"

And if the Jews can sort out this little puzzle, they will have solved the mystery of the world that God would make and redeem, leading a first group into some revelation, but who shall accept the fullness of such only as last, and a last group into some revelation, but the first to take it all in fullness!

St. Mary Magdelene at the Resurrection and the Finding of the Christ in the Temple- Conversion of the Jews?

How about this: if some of you have followed my theology of what shall convert the Jews, they are/will be seeing more clearly as the spiritual stages of their journey before Christ are gradually fulfilled in the New Covenant.

In that regard..., remember that there are three primary nights in this spiritual journey, the journey of the Catholic saint in the Ways, namely:

The Purgative Dark Night of Senses

The Illuminative Dark Night of Soul

The Unitive Martyrdom

Perhaps, then, in my thinking, the three times that Christ speaks to Mary Magdelene, she progressively sees him more, as the Jews progressively see Jesus more clearly as Church history progresses:

In the first instance, He is not on the radar map "They have taken my Lord and I do not know where they have laid Him." This would be the first reaction of the Jews to Christ in pagan Rome, the dark night of the senses: The Messiah was supposed to come and I have no idea where He is!

In the second instance, there is perhaps a greater glimmer of hope: "Sir, if you know where they have taken Him, then please tell me in order that I may go and anoint Him."

Remember, now, the modern secular apostasy is the dark night of the soul. Notice how, also, the Jews are in a more favorable relationship to Christ and Christians. They still do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah, but they see many Christians as righteous Gentiles, and they seem to look upon Jesus and the Church as persons who can perhaps help [them] us find the Messiah.

Finally, at the end of the world, martyrdom, the NT Antichrist, when we know from Catholic teaching that the Jews will finally convert, their eyes are opened: "Rabboni!", which in the Hebrew language means, Teacher!

So also, as the final stage of fulfillment, the NT Antichrist fulfills the Maccabbean OT Antichrist; in the Maccabean time, a blasphemous Gentile claimed to be God and tried to force the People of Old to apostatize from the Old Covenant or face torture and death. In the parallel time of the end of the world, a blasphemous secular Jew claims deity and attempts to the force the People of New to apostatize from the New Covenant or face torture and death. They see the ultimate deja vu, and the eyes of the Jews are opened: The true salvation is inner renewal, and the Jews, who walked this path through grace before Christ, see the path of renewal unfold in the Gentiles and Catholic Church, hence opening their eyes.

See also, the finding of Jesus in the Temple: For three days and three nights, Joseph and Mary look for Jesus, but only in the third do they find Him, in the Temple. Similarly, for three great ages, the way of the saint for the Catholic Church, the Jews are looking for the Messiah. Finally, in the third, they find Him. But while they were looking, never thinking to look in the New Temple of God, the Catholic Church, the Messiah was in that House of God doing the Father's business, redeeming the Gentiles!

The Conversion of the Jews, Part III, another Resurrection Scripture: The Road to Emaus

A beautiful Scripture: the disciples on the road to Emaus have not recognized that Christ is beside them. As He unfolds to them how the Christ fulfilled the events and things of Jewish Covenant history in His life, words, and deeds, the disciples progressively burn in their hearts. Finally, as they settle in, Christ breaks the bread, and their eyes are opened.

So, too, we can see the Catholic Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, journeying alongside the Jews and saying, see how We are filling up in our flesh your Covenant, even as the Christ filled it up?

Finally, as the body and blood of the Catholic Church is broken in the martyrdom under Antichrist, the Jews eyes are opened.

Hence, as more Church history progresses, the Church turns to the Jews and says, see how your pilgrim way is being fulfilled in us? And when it reaches apex in the martyrdom, the separation of Body and Blood, the bloody Eucharist of the New People of God, the People of Old see in Her in her their own, and recognize the Christ that has walked beside them!

The Conversion of the Jews, Part IV, another Resurrection Scripture: Doubting Thomas

I see another profound parallel.

Remember, from our series, that the theory is, what makes the Jews convert is to see filled up in the Church what Christ filled up in His Flesh, the spiritual path of the Jews themselves before Christ came the first time.

This path has three greater stages:

The purgative

The illuminative

The unitive.

Now I recall what many of you may have read a while back: Jeus filled up these "mystical threes" in so many ways

  • He says "Peace be to you" three times in the Upper Room
  • He falls three times carrying the cross
  • He prays three times in the garden to do the will of the Father
  • He restores Peter to grace three times with "Feed my sheep, feed, ... feed..."
  • He rose on the third day
  • He spoke three times to Mary Magdalene at the Tomb

What if it were possible, that in some way, His five wounds filled up the way of the saint?

The Wounds of Christ's Body fulfill the Way of the Saint

But, you say, there are **5** wounds, not **3**.

True! But the way of the saint can be sub-divided into the 5 lesser stages! Why? Because the sub-parts of the ways are part darkness and part light (except the purgative way, which is just darkness)! As follows:

The Way of the Saint as 5 lesser stages:

  • Purgative Way, darkness (dark night of senses)
  • Illuminative Way, light
  • Illuminative Way, darkness (dark night of soul)
  • Unitive Way, light
  • Unitive Way, darkness (martyrdom)

Of course, after martyrdom is eternal life, just as after the five wounds of Christ, Jesus rose into eternal life!

Let us probe it further:

The Five Wounds of Christ:

  • Right hand
  • Left hand
  • Right foot
  • Left foot
  • After death, the spear piercing the side
  • (Resurrection)

The Correlation in more detail:

Common sense says, line up the wounds with each substage of the saint above:

Right Hand merits purgative way of dark night of senses

Left Hand merits illuminative way of light

Right Foot merits illuminative way of darkness, dark night of soul

Left Foot merits unitive way of light

Side Wound merits unitive way of darkness, martyrdom

Resurrection merits eternal life

So, the right hand merits the grace of the People to walk the dark night of the senses of the purgative way. For the Old Testament, this was Egypt, for the New, Pagan Rome's persecutions.

The left hand merits the grace of the People to walk the light of the illuminative way, the first establishment of the Kingdom. Note, for the Old, this was the Exodus and OT kingdom of Israel, for the New, Constantine's victory over Pagan Rome and Catholic Christendom.

The right foot gives strength to the People to endure the dark night of the soul. For the Old, this was the severe Jewish apostasy, so to speak, in the pre-exile days, and for the New, this is the current secular apostasy of modern times amidst the Gentiles who used to be traditionally Christian.

The left foot merits the grace to walk the light of the unitive way, which surely puts to death all sin (Christ died after both feet wounds) in the respective People, seeing as, in the light of the unitive way, the saint is perfect, vindicated, resting in the love of God--union with God--a will fully in tune with God and fully willing to endure whatever God might call it to do, just as the People of God walk every step with God.

For consider how the Jews, in their unitive way, no longer sinned gravely against God after the exile when they returned to the Holy Land. They wept tears of repentance and came back to God's heart.

So also, in the coming age of peace, the unitive way for the Catholic Church, the Gentiles will weep tears of repentance and return to the Catholic Church that they started to leave some 500 years ago.

But there is then a wound beyond death, the piercing of the side, and this is martrydom. For the OT, this was Maccabbees, the ordeal with OT Antichrist figure, Antiochus IV Ephiphanies. For the NT, this is the great apostasy and ultimate persecutions of NT Antichrist!

And after martyrdom, there is of course, the next age: the saint goes into eternal life, even as the Christ rose from the dead after this wound to the side.

Note, this is like the scenes of the dragon in apocalypse 12. The dragon is progressively brought lower in scope, just as sin is progressively defeated in the way of the saint.

In the beginning, the dragon is in heaven with no opposition. Then he wages war in heaven, but is cast to earth. Then he causes havoc on earth at various times. Then he summons up the beasts and their deceptions, and ultimately calls out Armageddon in the sixth vial of wrath. But then, Christ "descends" from heaven and chains him in the abyss, beneath the earth! Then, after the day of rest, he comes up and seduces man a final time, after which he is cast into eternal fire forever, the final, irrevocable defeat!

Dragon: Five Stages

(plus eternal defeat):

See, these are six sub-stages of the dragon, like the wounds of Christ:

  • The dragon wages war in heaven: the purgative way
  • The dragon is cast to earth and cause lesser problems for the woman, who eludes him: the illuminative way of light
  • The dragon summons up the deception of darkness in the beast and false prophet: the dark night of the soul
  • The dragon is chained in the abyss for the thousand years of rest: the unitive way of light
  • The dragon comes up from the abyss a final time to seduce man and wage war with the Holy Ones: the martyrdom
  • The dragon is seized and cast eternally into the lake of fire, and the opening of the Last books: heaven, the eternal new life and resurrection that will never end!

See similarly, how in the beginning, the Christ, the child born from the woman, reigns from heaven in apocalypse 12, as if His arms outstretched reign from above, the grace having been merited by the crucifixion of his hands.

Then, at the close of the dragon's activity, Christ's feet come down to earth, in order that His Kingdom might reign on earth. In that stage, Christ has died and therefore put to death sin and unrighteousness in the world for a "day", a thousand years of rest, even as Jesus died after the left foot wound, and his body came to rest on the cross, resting toward the earth. So also, are the beast and false prophet, the symbols of sin and lies from the dragon, cast into the lake of fire. Jesus will have brought the unitive way to man.

But a final wound comes after death, the wound from the side. This can be seen as the dragon coming up from beneath Christ's feet a final time. After this attack, there remains only "resurrection from the dead", the next and final sequence of apocalypse, when the dragon is utterly seized and cast forever into the lake of fire!

Therefore, Christ must reign until He has put all his enemies "beneath His feet"!

Similarly, the Jews, like St. Thomas, will not believe until they have felt all these wounds that they experienced filled up in Christ's body the Church. They must see the stages of the wounds of Christ filled up in the Gentiles and the Catholic Church before they believe:

They must see the first hand wounded, the purgative way, pagan Rome, fulfilling Egypt.

They must see the second hand wounded, the illuminative way of light, Catholic Christendom, fulfilling the OT kingdom of Israel after the Exodus.

They must see the first foot wounded in the dark night of the soul, our modern secular apostasy from Christendom, which fulfills the great Jewish unfaithfulness to the Mosaic Law before the exile.

They must see the second foot wounded and sin put to death, seeing Christ die and go into His rest, the restoration and vindication of Mother Church, the period of renewal, even as the Jews were renewed in spirit and body after the exile, repenting and returning home to their land of Covenant.

And finally, they will not believe in full until they have seen the wound from the side; that even after Christ put to death wickedness and sin in the age of peace, Our Lady's Triumph in history, the world will wound Christ a final time, the great apostasy and NT Antichrist, when wickedness will come up from the abyss a final time, and yet never to be healed. For Christ died once, He cannot die again. This will fulfill the wound that came after the Jewish rest, the Maccabbean ordeal, with their own tyrannical and blasphemous Antichrist figure, Antiochus IV Ephipanies.

Then, as they "look upon Him whom they have pierced," they shall weep that they had missed the time of the Coming of their Anointed One. Then, like St. Thomas, they shall exclaim, "My Lord and my God!"

Jonah, a sign of the Conversion of the Jews, "No other sign shall be given!"

Jonah is actually a book about the conversion of the Jews. The whole point of the book, a full allegory most likely, is that Jonah, a reflection of the jealous Jews, does not want the Gentiles to repent. This is in part why he shuns going to Nineveh, in this fully fictitious parable. When he finally goes to Nineveh, and the Gentiles repent, he is angry. In the parable, he sets himself beneath a tree in the desert, but God shows him by helping the cattle that he laments, that if God is concerned even for cattle, beasts, how could God not care for the Gentiles' salvation, who are worth more than an infinity of sparrows?

But the Christ has said, no other sign shall be given to the Jews to recognize the Christ than the sign of Jonas. But alas, though Christ fulfilled the sign of Jonas in His Death and Resurrection, per His own testimony--that just as Jonas was in the belly of a whale for three days and three nights, so shall the Son of Man lie in the earth for three days and three nights before the Resurrection, paralleling when Jonah is spit out of the mouth of the fish--what does it mean, noting that the Jews did not convert in light of this sign but knowing that eventually, the Jews will convert, and yet "no other sign shall be given except Jonas"?

I conjecture the apocalyptic meaning I have extrapolated from other Scriptures!

I have argued in several previous essays, that the many occurrences of "threes" in the Gospels themselves parallel the three stages of the saint and of the path of the Peoples of God, both of Old and New, so that, just as Christ could not convert the Jews in his literal fulfillment of the threes within His individual Life and Resurrection, that is, what is "lacking in the sufferings of Christ", shall be filled up in His Body, the Mystical Church, His Bride!

More specifically, that just as the Christ fulfilled the three stages of the journey of the People of Old in His individual life and details, and yet it could not convert the Jews, it is in seeing the same process fulfilled by the Bride of Christ that shall open the eyes of the Jews!

Hence, it truly is that the sign of Jonas will convert the Jews, but only when the Jonas is fulfilled in the Church, who fills up in Her flesh what Her Savior went through and yet could not do with His Flesh, the three days, the three nights, the way of the Saint!